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ZWEIBRÜCKEN, December 7th, 2011 – By developing a special recruitment and training program for new talent, the Terex Cranes Zweibruecken factory, Germany has taken on the challenge posed by a series of demographic changes in Germany that have resulted in a shortage of skilled workers. “Our goal is to keep raising the bar in terms of our development and manufacturing skills and quality, which are already extraordinary today, by relying on experts with unparalleled training who will be integral to our future success,” explains Michael Wöhler, Vice President of Human Resources in Germany. In order to achieve this, the company is currently training around 100 young men and women to become construction mechanics, industrial mechanics, machinists, and mechatronics specialists at its own training workshop in Zweibrücken. In order to fully prepare these new apprentices for the requirements of their profession, four Terex team members, assigned as dedicated full-time instructors, have taught them all the skills they need in an environment that closely mirrors the conditions found in actual production settings. And their success has been astounding, as evidenced by the fact that these Terex apprentices have come out on top, time and time again, in national and international competitions for young talent while displaying their extraordinary skills.


The most recent example of these successful showings was Thomas Maske, a construction mechanic in his third year of training, who won first place in the gas tungsten arc welding (GATW) category at the national “Jugend schweißt” welding competition that was held by the DVS (German Association of Welding and Related Processes) in Hamburg on October 14th, 2011. Before the expert judges of DVS, a total of 51 competitors, aged 16 to 23, had to weld several test pieces and demonstrate their knowledge on welding processes, materials science, and safe welding practices during a theory test. The Terex apprentice was found to excel at all requirements by the judges at the event, and was able to take pride, among other things, in a welder certificate awarded to him that is valid throughout all of Europe and that officially attests to his extraordinary qualifications. The competition was a very instructive experience for Thomas Maske: “I learned a lot, especially during the period of intensive preparation in the run-up to the competition. I benefitted enormously from the great support I received from Terex, as well as from the expert guidance of my instructor, Jürgen Hoffmann.”

Another promising Terex apprentice who will be competing at the trials for the international WorldSkills competition is Sascha Hamm: As Germany’s current runner-up, he will start his journey at EuroSkills 2012 in Belgium, where he will be competing for a spot at the international WorldSkills competition. Furthermore, Terex was also represented at the welding competition between China and Germany that took place in Lüneburg between September 19th and September 22nd, 2011, with apprentices Thomas Maske and Steven Müller qualifying for the event, where they were able to demonstrate their skills.


This kind of success is one of the main reasons why Terex Crane’s apprenticeship program enjoys an excellent reputation in the region and beyond, which has contributed to the company’s image as an attractive facility with unrivalled training for young talent. The Rheinland-Pfalz Chamber of Industry and Commerce further confirmed this on October 25th, 2011, when Eduard Strippling, a construction mechanic at Terex, was recognized during a celebration held in order to honor the people who got the best results at the Chamber’s final examinations this year, and where Terex was awarded an “Extraordinary Apprentice Training Center” certificate.


“These achievements, as well as the recognition we have received from trade associations and other companies, show us that we are definitely on the right path when it comes to our recruitment and training program for young talent and that we have set the right course for the future with our personnel policies,” emphasizes Michael Wöhler.



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Picture 1: from left to right: Jürgen Hoffmann, instructor at Terex; Eduard Strippling, winner „Unsere Besten“



Picture 2: from left to right: Thomas Maske, winner „Jugend schweißt“; Dr.-Ing. Klaus Middeldorf, General manager DVS



Picture 3: from left to right: Gerold Preuss, welding teacher at SLV (Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt) Saarbrücken; Thomas Maske, winner “Jugend schweißt“; Lukas Dreller, „Jugend schweißt“






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