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Brisbane, February 27th, 2012 – For Terex Cranes, 2011 was a milestone year marked by the 3500th Pick & Carry crane to be produced, and the 25th anniversary of the founding company.

The company celebrated its success at a Customer and Family Open House Day held at the Terex Cranes facility in Brisbane.

For Terex Cranes Australia, we have a lot to celebrate, our 3500th crane and 25th anniversary. Our success could not be possible without the close relationship with our customers. They have provided us with feedback to help us continuously improve and make the crane what it is today – the most successful crane ever manufactured in Australia and a world class product” reports Danny Black, General Manager, Terex Cranes Australia. “This was a proud milestone for our team and hence a great opportunity to get together our customers, partners and families to celebrate.”

Terex® Pick & Carry Cranes, 25 years of production history

Everything began in 1978 with a prototype designed by Dave Francis using truck components to build the very first high speed “pick and carry” crane. “These early models were truly innovative, combining high speed road travel with superior pick and carry capabilities, which soon lead to the birth of the Australian taxi crane,” explains Craig Hain, Sales Manager, Terex Cranes Brisbane.

In 1986, the late Brian Hain and Lou Parolin formed Franna Cranes Pty. Ltd. and took on the manufacture of the revolutionary crane design, helping turn it into the most popular crane type in Australian history with a production of 1,100 units in thirteen years.

In 1999, the company was acquired by Terex Cranes, and in the twelve years that have followed under Terex management, production has more than doubled to build a further 2,400 Terex Pick & Carry cranes totaling 3,500 units since the pick and carry crane was first produced.

The most successful crane in Australia

For many of today’s Australian crane operating companies, a Terex Pick & Carry crane is a household name, and the basis of a successful owner-operator business.

As Craig remarks, “Someone following one of our cranes in a general hire fleet would see it visit many sites in one day, often spending only 15 to 30 minutes to complete its work. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular.”

From the earliest 8-tonne (8,8 US ton) capacity units, to today’s 25-tonne (27,5 US ton) maximum capacity Terex Pick & Carry cranes, the articulated frame of the pick and carry design is a nationwide favorite. Without the need for outriggers it has gained a solid reputation for excellent maneuverability and steering flexibility combined with quick set up times and fast road travel speeds to become the most successful crane ever built in Australia.

About Terex® Pick & Carry Cranes

Terex Pick & Carry cranes live up to their name with the strength and easy operation to pick up heavy loads, and articulated steering flexibility to move in tight spaces.

Offering high road speeds to get to the jobsite quickly, their pick and carry capability on tires needs no outriggers, to get set up and working almost immediately.

The Terex Pick & Carry Crane range includes three models offering lifting capacities ranging from 15 to 25 tonnes (17-28 US tons) incorporating many features which enhance safety, driver ergonomics and improved machine operation.


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