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Tokyo, Japan 19th March 2012 – A Terex® AC 350/6 has recently been operated by the Human Ohya lifting team to dismantle a tower crane from the top of a 70-meter high office building for its customer Shimizu Corporation on a narrow street in Tokyo.

Thanks to the AC350/6 all-terrain crane’s powerful lifting ability, compact footprint and patented Terex® Easy Luffing Jib Rigging System, the job was efficiently completed within a tight 24-hour timeline. An innovative boom launch system designed to mount crane booms in confined spaces without the aid of an auxiliary crane was used as part of the lift.

“Due to our local road regulations, cranes cannot be driven with their boom on” says Mr. Kazuhiko Ohya, president of Human Ohya. “Working in confined areas, it is often impossible to operate an auxiliary crane to help assemble the boom, so we are familiar with using a boom launch system. In addition, our team’s expertise in jobsite planning is paramount for a perfect synchronization of the vehicles needed to transport the lifting equipment to jobsites in Toyko’s city center.”


Power and cost-efficiency counts among other benefits

Beginning at 6amto make the most of a full day and night’s work, the AC 350/6’s main boom, luffing jib adaptor, three jib sections, outrigger plates, counterweight, hook block, secondary winch and independent boom launch system were smoothly delivered through the capital’s busy streets to the jobsite by five, standard auxiliary trucks.




“Our AC350/6 provides the lifting power and high reach we need with fewer components, plus it is specially designed for optimized transportation and less counterweight, so it helps reduce the number and size of auxiliary vehicles – which costs less and saves precious time,” says Mr. Ohya.

With the trucks strategically parked further along the street, work began by deploying the boom launch system’s four hydraulic stabilizers. Once extended and raised to the required height, it was set freestanding to enable the truck to evacuate the site immediately and leave room for the next vehicle carrying the AC 350/6s main boom.


Outriggers adapt well to confined jobsites

Carefully reversed into position and reaching precisely the right height, the Human Oyha team secured the crane’s boom to the launch system using steel hooks attached to purpose-built slots on the boom’s outer casing. The truck then cleared the way to provide access to the AC350/6 driven to the jobsite carrying part of its own counterweight, and positioned under the launch system to enable the team to connect the boom to the crane carrier.

Meanwhile, transporting the luffing jib adaptor, winch, outrigger mats, sand bags and remaining counterweight, truck three had already been unloaded and the AC 350/6 safely set on its outriggers which were extended to match the confines of the narrow jobsite environment.


Patented Easy Rigging System avoids work at height

Equipped with its hook block, the AC305/6 then lifted and slewed to raise and lock its own counterweight into place enabling the team to fit the jib adaptor and secondary winch. The folding luffing jib and its three extensions arrived on the final fourth and fifth auxiliary trucks by 10h00.

The easily erected folding luffing jib system was then fitted to the adaptor and attached to the crane’s secondary winch. “As the only system of its kind available, the Terex Easy Rigging System certainly makes a big difference,” says Mr. Ohya. “Avoiding work at height, it’s a great benefit to the safety of our team as well as making the job much faster and easier.”

Partially deployed at ground level, the luffing jib extensions were then mounted one by one and fully deployed at a height of 80 meters, ready to begin dismantling the tower crane.


Superior to any other crane configured with a luffing fly jib

“We used a 48-meter luffing fly jib at 29-meter working radius with 75.1-tonne counterweight during the dismantling process with the AC 350/6’s main boom deployed at 54.2 meters,” explains Mr. Ohya. “Thanks to its short slewing radius and compact outrigger spread, the AC 350/6 is just right in this kind of environment. In fact, it’s the only crane in its capacity class that provides the lifting power we needed for this application.”

Comfortably reaching the tower crane set back 15 meters from the edge of the 70-meter high building, the AC 350/6 proceeded to lift down components weighing up to 5 tonnes and 28 meters long.

“In Tokyo there are many jobs that would not be possible without the use of a boom launch system, but the Terex Easy Rigging System was also paramount to completing set-up rapidly within our timeline in such a tight area,” reports Mr. Ohya.

Counting six hours for crane set-up and 16 hours to dismantle the tower crane, the job was completed successfully, and the jobsite cleared in just under 24 hours.

With nothing but the surprise of those who had seen the lift left to remind them of what had happened the day before, it was back to business as usual in a busy street in Tokyo by daybreak the following morning.


About the Terex® AC 350/6

By far the most powerful and compact 6-axle all terrain crane in the 350-tonne (400 US-t) capacity class currently available on the market, the Terex® AC 350/6 boasts exceptional lifting capacity and operator safety. Featuring a state-of-the-art fall arrest system for safe access during work at height and patented Terex Easy Luffing Jib Rigging System, the AC 350/6 enables fast, easy rigging and safety. Offering a maximum telescopic boom length of up to 64 meters (210 ft) for an impressively compact maximum system length of 125.7 meters (412.4 ft), this powerful, versatile 6-axle crane can out-lift the performance of larger cranes in the 400-tonne (440 US-t) capacity class in a number of jobsite situations. Additional attachments can be loaded onto conventional trucks within a width of 8.4 ft (2.55 m).


Demonstration video - Patented Terex Easy Luffing Jib Rigging System

A demonstration video of the patented Terex Easy Luffing Jib Rigging System that equips the Terex AC 350/6 can be viewed in the “About Us” section / ”Video” subsection at




About Human Ohya

Founded in 1961 and based in Tokyo, Japan, Human Ohya is a company member of Ohya unso Inc. Currently employing 93 members of staff and operating in Tokyo as well as throughout Japan, the company’s skilled lifting team is specialized in the construction and bridge building lifting sector including the assembly and disassembly of heavy industrial machinery.


About Terex
Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reliable, customer-driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms; Construction; Cranes; Material Handling & Port Solutions; and Materials Processing. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information can be found at









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