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Zweibrücken, June 1st, 2012 – Terex Cranes announces that it is re-locating the production of self-erecting tower cranes from the current manufacturing facility in Fontanafredda, Italy to Montceau Les Mines, France. This affects the full range of self-erecting tower cranes, which includes 12 models ranging from 1 to 6 tonnes maximum capacity and 16 to 45 meters jib length.

Effective as of July, and backed by a significant investment, the decision comes as part of a strong move by Terex Cranes to provide customers with increased response and value thanks to production synergies. The company plans that the upcoming production transfer will provide for the creation of 150 new jobs in France.

An ambitious challenge utilizing cost-efficient synergies and production skills

Steve Filipov, President Developing Markets, Terex Corporation, who is leading the restructuring of tower crane operations explains, “We started to find that we lacked sufficient space to cater to the demand for our self-erecting tower crane products at our Italian facility. We see the move to Montceau-les-Mines as a good opportunity to continue our strategy of improving our production capabilities and finding synergies with our existing production facilities.”

The future transfer comes in addition to the Terex® AC 40, AC 60, TC 40, TC 60, Roadmaster 5300 road mobile crane and Terex reach stacker product lines currently manufactured at the French facility.

“Our facility in Montceau-les-Mines has an excellent track record for its manufacturing quality,” says Filipov. “It’s an ambitious challenge that we now feel ready to take on. We expect the reduction of transport costs, based on the geographically central location of our French plant, to have a positive impact for our customers.”

Italy will also benefit from streamlining of tower crane production

In turn, the company’s Italian tower crane production site in Fontanafredda will also benefit from the streamlining of the company’s manufacturing facilities through the integration of Recom, a company created by Ferruccio Moritsch in 2003, the founder of Comedil, which specialized in the production of luffing jibs.

Terex originally acquired 37% of Recom in 2010, and recently acquired the remaining 67%. Recom is based in the city of Belluno, and has a solid trajectory in the fields of R&D and engineering.

“Following the transfer of our self-erecting tower cranes to France, the integration of Recom is an integral part of a logical and cost-efficient process that we intend to use to enhance our production capabilities, and the introduction of some exciting new models in the months to come,” says Filipov.

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