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Fontanafredda, Italy, June 29th,, 2012 - For Terex Cranes, the introduction of its new CTL 650 F45 luffing jib tower crane marks the company’s entry into a new generation of extra-large capacity class luffing jib tower cranes. The new CTL 650 F45 will be produced at the Terex facility in Fontanafredda, Italy.

Completing the existing Terex tower crane portfolio of 14 CTL luffing jib models, the new extra-large Terex CTL 650 F45 integrates extensive feedback from customers to combine outstanding lifting power with easy assembly, operator comfort and jobsite safety.

Offering a maximum lifting capacity of 45 tonnes (49.6 US tons) and equipped with an extra-long 65-meter (213.25 foot) jib, the innovative features of this new luffing jib tower crane model, equipped with the company’s latest EVO 15 operator cab, are specially adapted to provide the outstanding performance required by customers on today’s most challenging urban construction, power plants and lifting projects worldwide.

The new CTL 650 F45 marks the first in a series of new crane models that Terex Cranes is planning to launch this year. As part of our on-going new product development program, all the models integrate feedback from our customers and focus on innovative solutions designed to serve safety, increase performance, ease of operation and cost-efficiency,” says Martina Moritsch, General Manager, Terex Cranes Global Tower Crane Operations. “Built using the same approach, our new CTL 650 F45 addresses the demand for much larger, higher capacity luffing jib tower cranes designed to match the increasing scale and complex designs of rapidly evolving trends in the construction sector worldwide.”


Besides being the largest and heaviest lifting model in our existing luffing jib tower crane range, the new Terex CTL 650 F45 boasts several innovative features focused on increased performance, easier crane assembly and safety.

Standard safety features include jib walkways and handrails to provide a safe working environment for technicians during set-up and maintenance when working at height.

As for all Terex luffing jib tower cranes, all hoisting and luffing winch drums are linked to their own separate emergency braking system, which at the press of a button stops operation rapidly but gradually enough to avoid blocking.


An optional anti-collision system helps the operator to plan and execute lifts while avoiding collisions with other cranes or buildings. Two cameras and a display screen increase visibility and enable the operator to zoom in and out as required.

Cost-efficiency is improved thanks to a folding platform and folding A-frame, which can be carried in one piece on a single standard truck to reduce transportation costs. An automatic slewing ring lubrication feature also means less time spent on maintenance. Additionally, a third hoist on the counter jib can be conveniently used as a service derrick for assembly. The new CTL 650 F45 is also equipped with one or two pull lines to combine the ability of heavy lifting with fast lifting speeds.

Providing excellent visibility, ergonomics and comfort to help crane operators work safely and stay focused for long hours on the jobsite, the new CTL 650 F45 comes equipped with the Terex Cranes EVO 15 operator cab. Built with feedback from users, the EVO 15 cab features five large windows for excellent visibility. For ventilation, its front window and back door open. Sliding sunscreen blinds are available for side, front and upper windows. Two, large windshield wipers help keep a clear view at all times. An all stainless-steel electronics panel is located in the cabin platform providing excellent protection from different weather conditions. An adjustable ergonomic operator seat provides the comfort while a new ergonomic joystick control helps maneuver loads more easily with great precision. A full color, anti-glare, multi-language display screen provides data feedback including load, wind speed, height, alarm history and on-line trouble shooting to maneuver and lift precisely and safely.

The letter “F”, that is featured in the product name, was chosen by Terex Cranes as a tribute to Ferruccio Moritsch, pioneer of the tower crane industry particularly on the luffing jib tower crane, who passed away in July last year.

As Steve Filipov, President, Developing Markets and Strategic Accounts, Terex Corporation, explains, “Ferruccio Moritsch was a highly respected figure in our company and the industry as a whole. The launch of the new Terex® CTL 650 F is our way of paying tribute to his innovative spirit and ground-breaking product developments.”


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