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“The System of the Future”: Autodienst Eineder Receives Terex® Explorer 5800 All-Terrain Crane


ZWEIBRÜCKEN, April 23rd, 2015 – Peter Eineder is sure of it: “The single-engine design behind the Terex® Explorer 5800 crane is the system of the future! It saves gas and eliminates a bunch of maintenance work, all while giving us the power we need, when we need it. In other words, we get great performance from a single engine, regardless of whether the crane is traveling or lifting.”


Those were some of the key reasons why the owner of Ingolstadt-based Eineder Autodienst GmbH recently decided on this crane model when expanding his fleet. And together with three employees from his company, he picked up the crane himself at the Terex location in Zweibrücken at the beginning of April.


Other factors in favor of the crane included its smooth and sensitive response when controlling the superstructure, as well as the fact that the Explorer 5800 is the most compact model of its class. In addition, the Terex machine is extremely versatile when it comes to axle load configurations, accommodating a range of 12 tonnes to 9.1 tonnes. Moreover, Eineder also found the crane to be unmatched in terms of safety: Equipped with a load camera, a lift camera, and a camera for the blind spot on its right side, the crane ensures that operators will be able to keep an eye on everything regardless of the operating situation. And last but not least: With its spacious carrier and superstructure cabs, the Terex Explorer 5800 will be providing Eineder employees with an extremely comfortable working space.


Autodienst Eineder provides a comprehensive line of services ranging from roadside assistance and repairs, through tire service and repair, all the way to heavy haulage and crane services, including rentals. Among other machinery, the company’s fleet includes mobile cranes with lifting capacities of 30 to 220 tonnes.


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From left to right.: Lewin Henry, Niederlassungsleiter für Kran und Schwertransporte, Philipp Maurer, Sales Representative Terex Cranes, Christoph Funk, Kranfahrer und Peter Eineder, Geschäftsführer




The Terex® Explorer 5800 all terrain crane

Featuring an all-wheel steering, five-axle carrier with a length of 13.2 meters and a width of 3 meters, the Explorer 5800 is configured with a 70-meter-long, five-section boom. The crane is designed in such a way that its 70.2-tonne counterweight can be mounted automatically. All additional equipment has a maximum width of 2.5 meters, ensuring efficient transportation. The outrigger system has four different available positions and a maximum width of 8.4 meters, providing outstanding flexibility.

One of the key features behind the Explorer all terrain crane is its single-engine design. The Explorer 5800 crane complies with Euromot Stage IV and US EPA Tier 4F emission standards. In addition, the crane uses a state-of-the-art engine management system for excellent performance both on the road and when lifting. Fuel efficiency is achieved, on one hand, with the start/stop function in the upper cab and, on the other, with a flexible engine mapping function that adapts to how the machine is being used, whether this be crane operations or traveling on the road.

Together with a wireless remote control, the latest version of the Terex IC-1 touchscreen control system offers safety and efficiency during crane setup and operation. The spacious and intelligently laid-out 2.85-meter-wide carrier cab is also a new feature, and is characterized by an ergonomic design and air conditioning that provide high user comfort day in, day out.



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