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One for All: Terex® CTT 162-8 Tower Crane Makes a Compelling Case as an All-Rounder


ZWEIBRÜCKEN, August 29, 2016 - The Terex® CTT 161 tower crane had more than proven its worth during the first stage of new construction for the “Matthias-Claudius-Haus” nursing home in Waldshut, Germany, so Waldshut-Tiengen-based construction company Schleith insisted on the use of a Terex crane for the second stage of construction as well. The subcontractor in charge, Lörrach-based Meier-Krantechnik, complied with the request and proceeded to order a Terex CTT 162-8 tower crane, the successor to the CTT 161.

“That was the first project where they’d be using the new crane, so we made sure to be there at the work site with our own assembly team in order to provide guidance and support,” reports Jörg Körtgen, who works as a Sales Manager at Terex Cranes. The reason why this was important was that the CTT 162-8 crane, which was just launched in mid-2015, offers a series of new features and enhancements in comparison to its predecessor. Accordingly, Terex Cranes refers to this model as a new crane generation:

The CTT 162-8 crane is a flat top tower crane with an eight-tonne maximum-capacity winch. It rests on a 4.5-meter cruciform base, and its typical applications include not only residential and commercial construction, but also industrial and bridge construction, making it an extremely versatile all-rounder. “We ordered the crane with a 55-meter jib length configuration and erected it with a hook height of 34 meters for the project in Waldshut, which was necessary due to the site’s hillside position,” explains Martin Käser, construction manager for company Schleith.

The range of tasks that the tower crane takes care of at the work site is ranging from the material handling work that is typical of work sites and involves moving concrete, formwork, and iron to removing excavated material to moving mini excavators and other machinery. “With its maximum capacity of eight tonnes, the crane is so powerful that we don’t need to use a mobile crane at all, which makes the CTT 162-8 extremely cost-effective. In fact, it’s even able to lift large precast concrete components without a problem,” points out Thomas Meier, general manager Meier Krantechnik.


“A true 160-tonne crane”

“The CTT 162-8 tower crane is the real deal – a true 160-tonne crane that can lift at the tip exactly what the specifications say,” says Jörg Körtgen, getting right to the point. As far as he is concerned, the CTT-162 crane represents a quantum leap in engineering – and he can prove it: When directly compared with its predecessor, the new machine offers at least 100 kilograms more of capacity along the entire length of the jib, and it also features a hoisting winch that is faster by a good thirty percent. In other words, the new crane makes it possible to lift a considerably higher number of loads per day. And that is only the beginning. The crane comes with a large series of upgrades. These include, for instance, a new cab, extremely weather-resistant stainless steel control panels, and a remote assistant service that enables the customer and Terex to run remote diagnostics worldwide, ensuring that when a customer runs into an issue, it will be fixed as quickly as possible.


“Simple, practical, and good”

All these features won the customer over as well: “If you asked me to describe the crane in just a few words, I would say it’s simple, practical, and good,” Martin Käser says in order to summarize the successful debut of his company’s Terex CTT 162-8 tower crane at the work site in Waldshut. Admittedly, however, that was the very outcome he was already expecting.

Video showing the erection of the Terex CTT 162-8 :


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