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Meet the Terex Team: Stephan Wjikmans-Sales Manager

Welcome to the MeeTT Section, where we introduce you to a member of the Terex team—to learn about the people and passion that stand behind our products.

This week we feature Stephan Wjikmans, Sales Manager RT Cranes Europe, Russia, CIS & Turkey.

  • How Long have you worked at Terex? I joined Terex in September 2009, selling Rough Terrain (RT) Cranes in Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) until March 2015, when I moved to work for Tecno Gru—the biggest dealer worldwide for Terex RT cranes. In 2017, I re-joined Terex to work for aerial work platforms, but I followed my heart back to Terex Cranes in September 2019 as Sales Manager for Terex Cranes across Europe, CIS and Turkey!
  • What do you like about the cranes industry? The first time I became acquainted with cranes was at an exhibition Samoter in 2005. I was working as a translator to facilitate the communication between Atlas Knuckle boom cranes and a new Italian manufacturer of small knuckle boom cranes. After this very interesting and positive experience, the local Italian manufacturer hired me to join their sales team. As this company was a supplier of Terex, I soon became part of Terex, selling Rough Terrain cranes in Europe and CIS countries. The Rough Terrain crane is a very good alternative for lots of jobs that today are being done with all terrain cranes due to the mindset of the end users. Once showing them the advantages of a Rough Terrain crane and they begin to use them, they realise they could have been using them much earlier!
  • Which Terex Rough Terrain Crane project are you most proud of? The Piling project in Gdansk, Poland, which was carried out by Hydrobydowa. We sold two A600 and two TCC 60. The cranes were used to for flood protection of a river in the city. The telecrawler cranes, working in the river, were used for the pilling of the steel plates and had attached a hydraulic resonance free vibro hammer. The other two cranes were being used as assistance cranes for supplying the steel plates.
  • What is your passion? I am a man of simple needs. What I like to do most is to connecting with people and socialising with them. 
  • What is there in common between your passion and your job? The whole human aspect of life has always fascinated me and that it is also one of the reasons why I am the in the role that I am today, and also why I travel so much to experience new civilizations and cultures. So, most of my time away from work I try to spend it on socialising, getting in touch with new people and experiencing new things. In the end my main passion is people and everyone’s different approach to life and business.
  • How would you describe yourself in one sentence? Driven and passionate man with an incredible attention to detail.
  • What is your favourite dish, first or second plate? Tortellini in brodo, Bami Pangang
  • Do you follow sports? If so, which one? Running, mountain biking, spinning and yoga.
  • Wine or beer? Both but slightly tend towards beer

Editor's comment: Thanks, Stephan, for sharing your thoughts! Being simple is definitely a plus, and this is the way we try to keep the design of our rough terrain cranes design: easy to use and maintain.

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