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T-LIFT crane hoist improves safety and work life for tower crane operators

The everyday work life for a tower crane operator is not easy. Most operators start their working day by climbing the tower crane section, which can be very high on sites with taller buildings. This involves time lost at the beginning and end of the shift to go up and down the tower via the stairs, a huge level of fatigue for the operator, with relief driver changeovers and rest breaks being key for crane drivers. In case of an emergency, or if any assistance is needed, the operator is far away from help with the time it would take for support to climb the crane to get to the cab.

As a result, the T-Lift crane hoist by Terex has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by operators as a tool that will make their daily life easier and safer.

The crane hoist runs along a track that is connected to the outside of the tower and can reach any tower height. It can accommodate up to two people and runs at a speed that can reach 40 metres per minute in the model with an inverter motor. It is adaptable to all tower crane models, thanks to its versatile tie in system, and is easy to install so it can be simply moved from one jobsite to another.  

Even more importantly, the improved onsite safety was one of the first benefits appreciated by our customers who received the crane hoist, with one commenting, ”If an operator needs additional support or assistance while in the air, the site’s rescue teams, or support crews, can now gain access to the cab in a faster and more effective work manner, rather than taking the time it takes to climb the crane to get to the cab to assist the operator.”

Learn more about this latest innovation from Terex Cranes by seeing the crane hoist working in this video and hear some of our customers’ feedback in this video from Select Plant Hire.

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