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Terex Environmental Equipment, Farwell, Michigan, US – June 2013. Liston Products, Newhaven, East Sussex, based in the UK supply TAC 790 to Stubbs Copse Wood Yard, Arundel, West Sussex.


Liston Products have supplied a TAC 790 arborist chipper with a 375 hp John Deere engine to Stubbs Copse Wood Yard, Arundel, West Sussex.


David Kendall, Director of Liston Products said “we were delighted to be able to provide Stubbs Copse Wood Yard with the TAC 790. Stubbs Copse Wood Yard had previously used a disc style wood chipper but due to an increase in demand in their business and the quality of product that they required we recommended the TAC 790. We work closely with all our customers to ensure they are supplied with the correct product that meets the many requirements and demands in the wood processing industry”.


The TAC 790 is chipping hardwood and soft woods loaded by an excavator and grapple. Materials of different sizes are chipped up to a maximum diameter of 20” round and 36” flat bundles and off cuts. Most of the material chipped is from local forestry estates and tree surgery residues brought to the wood yard by other tree care companies who do not have the chipper capacity to handle larger tree material. The TAC 790 is currently processing an average of 50 metric tons per hour on hardwood.


The TAC 790 arborist chipper is capable of being loaded by timber crane and wheeled loader with bucket. It is easily transportable and is capable of being taken to site and processing whole tree chipping on site conditions.


Bob Campbell, Sales Manager for TEE said “The customer required a quality heavy duty drum chipper with a 20” round capacity that would have the output to load a truck in an hour. It also needed to produce quality chips from different types of wood and in different sizes. This particular product has a stand-alone jack system and has low maintenance and running costs. This made the TAC 790 is an ideal choice for Liston Products to recommend to Stubbs Copse Wood Yard”.



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