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JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Terex Environmental Equipment (TEE) is scheduled to host its first North American Dealer/Customer Conference on January 27, 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida and will do so in conjunction with the 24th Annual Compost2016 Conference and Tradeshow. The TEE Dealer conference takes place during the day at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel where registered guests have a chance to learn about the expanded product lineup of TEE Ecotec. Sales and engineering representatives will conduct presentations regarding the grinders, chippers, shredders, trommels, waste handlers and windrow turners that make up the TEE Ecotec product line. In the evening, a dinner and reception will be open to customers and dealers that register in advance at this link.


The following day, TEE will offer exclusive machine demonstrations for dealer representatives and customers. The event will take place at Jacksonville’s Otis Road Landfill, which is also hosting the machines that will be on display for the Compost2016 Demonstration Show. Overall, TEE Ecotec is expecting to showcase nearly ten machines for its demonstration event with six machines slated for live demonstration.

The machines we plan to have available for display and demonstration will give dealers and customers a chance to see a wide selection of our product line all in one place,” said TEE Ecotec North American Sales Director Art Murphy. “From grinders to shredders and trommels to windrow turners, we’ve put together a diverse selection of equipment that our dealers and customers can take a closer look at and see in operation.”

Machinery expected to be on display includes the TBG 680 Horizontal Grinder (CBI 6800BT) and the TBG 650 Horizontal Grinder (CBI 5800BT). The two grinders, which are part of TEE Ecotec’s CBI Legacy Series, will be processing a mixture of logs, stumps and yard waste.

Other machines scheduled to be made available for demonstration is the TWT500 Windrow Turner and the TTS620 Trommel. Both machines are a perfect fit for Compost2016 as they are designed specifically for the composting and screening industries, respectively.


Having the TWT 500 and TTS 620 at the compost event allows TEE to showcase the depth of its product offering,” said TEE Product Manager Steven Aiken. “The compact, but yet powerful, TWT 500 windrow turner and efficient TTS 620 trommel screen highlights to customers that TEE has the complete range of equipment required for the compost industry.”


The TDS V20 Medium Speed Shredder as well as the TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder is also expected to be part of TEE’s live demonstration. The shredders will be processing stumps, green waste and construction and demolition waste. The two shredders were on display at TEE’s customer Open Day event in London a few months ago and received high praise from attendees that were previously unfamiliar with their respective shredding capabilities. As for a static display, the recently released CBI AirMax Material Separator will be available viewing as well.


“We learned a lot from the London Dealer/Customer Event this past September and understand what it did for raising the profile of the TEE Ecotec line in the European market,” Murphy explained. “We believe TEE will expand on that success here in the North American market. We viewed Compost2016 as the perfect place to tie in a TEE Ecotec Dealer/Customer event. This conference and tradeshow has been a premiere event for the grinding, shredding, screening and composting industries for over two decades, so we are excited to be associated with it.”


The US Compost Council (USCC) puts on the popular conference and tradeshow each year, which takes place in Jacksonville for the first time. The USCC was first established in 1990 and is known as the lone organization in the United States that works to advance the development, expansion and promotion of the composting industry. Its annual conference and tradeshow typically draws over 1,000 attendees, although numbers are expected to be higher with TEE Ecotec’s significant involvement in 2016.


This event is the formal introduction of the Terex Ecotec line of equipment to the North American market following the acquisition of Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) by Terex in April of 2015,” Murphy continued. “With the acquisition of CBI, TEE’s Ecotec line has quickly taken shape as we continue to develop and spread the word of our products to dealers and customers across the United States and Canada. This tradeshow is going to be an opportunity for us to interact with our dealers and customers in one place, show them the depth our product line and let them see first-hand the benefits of partnering with Terex Ecotec.”


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