Our Team, Our Workplace, Our Communities

Terex is a competitive business that is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best people to be part of our team.

We embrace diversity across a variety of dimensions and see it as a key to our success.  We believe that diversity in such dimensions as gender, culture, race, ethnicity, experience and thought will ensure better decision-making and create a workplace where we continuously improve and innovate. 


Of course, Diversity in and of itself is not sufficient.  We are fair and impartial in our decisions, ensuring Equity within our workplace.  By doing so, we will create a sense of Inclusion for all our team members.  We are committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion so we can make Terex the kind of place where every team member feels valued, listened to, and appreciated.


We have a vibrant, global initiative designed to increase our representation of women in particular, because we recognize that women are often under-represented in manufacturing organizations such as ours.  We are also expanding our primary focus areas to include race and ethnicity, to ensure that members of under-represented groups have a sense of belonging and can thrive.

At Terex, we believe that having a talented workforce is not just about hiring the right people.  It’s about creating an environment where our team members can reach their full potential.  We invest in a robust training curriculum that is tailored to the needs of all our team members – from individual contributors to front line supervisors to managers and executives.  We foster a culture that is inclusive and engaging.

We recognize and reward strong performance that is consistent with our Terex Way values.  We provide fair pay, competitive benefits and flexibility programs.  In line with our Citizenship value, we encourage and support involvement in our local communities.