Terex India R&D Center

Vineet Sharma, Executive Director – TIRCThe Terex India R&D Center was established in December 2008 with the objective of providing engineering support to all segment engineering teams across the globe including products manufactured indigenously to suit the Indian market. The team that is based out of Bangalore supports more than 15 engineering centers of Terex across various geographies - USA, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The Terex India R&D Center unites professional expertise with long practical experience in Technical Publication, Product Design, Computer Aided Engineering (Simulation & Virtual Testing), Product Evaluation and Testing. More than 150 team members, including members of associate partner companies, are continuously proving their excellence and adding onto the success of the center. Virtual prototypes of components and aggregate assemblies are made and assembled on computer workstations using 3D technology. The performance is checked on computers using simulation techniques, thus saving a lot of time for the end-user as well as lowering development costs. The team has won various accolades globally for their innovative solutions which has resulted in delivering better value to our end customers.

Currently, Terex India R&D Center supports the following Terex locations globally:

  • Terex Aerial Work Platform Sites: Redmond (USA), Changzhou (China), Oklahoma (USA), Umbertide (Italy)
  • Terex Utilities: Watertown (USA)
  • Terex Materials Processing Sites: Bad Schönborn (Germany), Bidwell (USA), Brisbane (Australia), Crespellano (Italy), Dungannon (Northern Ireland, UK), Fontanafredda (Italy), Fort Wayne (USA), Melbourne (Australia), Newton (USA), Omagh (Northern Ireland, UK)

Terex India R&D Center is also engaged in providing Engineering Services to Non-Terex companies. 

The Terex India R&D Center is committed to providing differentiated, innovative solutions that would result in excellent equipment productivity for our customers. It is a perfect balance of global collaboration and local innovation.

Vineet Sharma, Executive Director – TIRC 

TIRC MIssion


  • OEM experience in Design Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Engineering company, not just a services company  
  • Work on products across various product portfolio and functions
  • Exposure and expertise in complete product development life cycle


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  • Shashishekar Markandeya, Senior Engineering Group Manager              Shashishekar.Markandeya@terex.com
  • Anita Verma, Deputy Engineering Group Manager                                    Anita.Verma@terex.com
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