Special Projects


Terex Steel Handbook of comparative Grades 

  • Documentation contains Equivalent or Alternate steel grades for the specifications of European, American and Asian steel grades with their comparisons
  • Developed consistent methodology for selection of Equivalent/Alternative material grades
  • Specification includes Structural steels, Bars, Tubes, Sections and Castings
  • Guidelines for the Qualification and Certification of Steel. Steel Handbook is available in printed hard copy


HTS- Trade Tariff Codification

  • HTS- Harmonized Tariff code is classification of goods imported / exported into the country
  • Tariff code classifies goods based on name, use, and/or the material used in its construction
  • Classification Code contain 10-Digit number and are country specific used for Import/Export of items for the country. For example; European Code - 7318157098 and USA  Code -  7318.15.2095
  • Code is used to determine the associated Duty Rate

Metrification and Imperialisation

  • Conversion of imperial drawings into dual dimension drawings for metrification and vice-versa
  • Selection of material for fabrication available in US market in place of Chinese material for existing drawings
  • Material sizing / change carried out by comparing Moment of Inertia of existing section and new section after changing to imperial
  • Validated using Finite element analysis for variations in thickness resulted from metrification
  • Creating new parts/weldments/assemblies based on FEA results

Material Handler Upper Carriage

  • Input : Drawing and 3D models
  • Deliverable: 1) Should costing report for Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary & India. 2) Nesting report of parts, weld length, time & deposition calculation. Tool Used: Programmed Excel


Crane Chassis

  • Input : Drawing and 3D models of 4 welded structures constituting 240 parts
  • Deliverable: 1) Should costing report for manufacturing in USA.  2) Report included cost of raw material, manufacturing, welding, assembly, scrap, etc. Tool Used: Programmed Excel