In Our Communities

Helping Our Communities During COVID-19


Terex serves customers in all parts of the world, and our 9,000+ team members live and work in the communities where we operate. COVID-19 has created a humanitarian crisis in many countries, and our teams have responded by making donations, donating safety masks, safely volunteering or otherwise providing help. Terex team members are guided by six core “Terex Way values,” which include Servant Leadership, Respect and Citizenship. Our teams are showing that they are good citizens, even in, or perhaps especially in, challenging times.

Here are just a few examples:

Redmond, Washington (USA) – Aerial Work Platforms team members produced medical equipment to donate to a local hospital. Seattle-area NBC-affiliate King 5 featured the team's innovation and efforts on their morning news program. Click here to watch the news coverage. The project began with a Terex engineer designing equipment on his own, and a team was assembled to execute the project in a sanitized room environment. Separately, AWP volunteers in Redmond sewed face coverings for Terex manufacturing team members as they returned to manufacturing work.

Hosur and Bangalore (India) – Vulnerable parts of the population have lost their wages in a national shutdown and are without food. Thousands of migrant workers are carrying their children and belongings hundreds of miles on foot. Team members in Terex India collected donations by volunteering to contribute one day's wages, or in some cases two. The teams were able to purchase 9,000 kgs of grains and supply them to a community kitchen in Delhi. They also prepared food packets for families of Terex contractors who are in severe need due to the government shelter-in-place lockdown, and they supported families with essential items like dry rations.

Changzhou (China) and Dungannon (Northern Ireland) – The Terex team in China sourced and sent thousands of protective face masks to Northern Ireland to help support the coronavirus situation. Once the masks reached Northern Ireland, a community group that is supporting local hospitals and care workers with PPE supplies collected them. Terex then donated more than 5,000 surgical masks to a COVID-19 community group who are supporting local hospitals and care workers with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supplies. Behind the scenes, a cross-functional team worked closely to make it all happen including MP and AWP HSE, MP Supply Chain, and EMEAR & APAC Logistics. This was a great example of cooperation across teams, disciplines, geographies and business segments.

Watertown, South Dakota (USA) – Terex Utilities received a request from a local vocational college to do “3D printing" to make parts needed for face shields. Terex Utilities answered the call. Using its in-house 3D printer, the Utilities team is producing bands for the face shields, running the printer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So far, thanks to the efforts of Terex Utilities, combined with the college and other local businesses, 800 face shields and 100 masks have been distributed to healthcare providers in South Dakota and Minnesota.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA) – Our team was asked by area hospitals if they had supplies to share. Terex improvised a donation using what the team could find from HSE resources – gloves, shoe coverings/booties (used by team members who work in paint) and Tyvek suits, protective clothing for use with isolation. Great resourcefulness!

Changzhou (China) – Our teams have reached out to help other Terex colleagues in different parts of the world. When COVID-19 first appeared in China, our teams in Crespellano and Fontanafredda, Italy sent face masks to their Chinese counterparts. Now that the virus is prevalent elsewhere, Terex China has sent masks back to Italy, as well as 1,000 N95 masks to the United States.

These are just a few examples. Terex team members encourage everyone to spend time during the crisis helping others: (1) Connect with a friend, neighbor or family member who is alone to make them feel less isolated; (2) Offer to safely pick up / drop off / order online groceries or medicines for elderly neighbors; (3) Donate blood to the Red Cross or similar; (4) Donate food or money to a local food bank or other charities.