Terex Finlay TR-75 radial conveyor

The Terex Finlay TR-75 Radial Stockpiling Conveyor is the ideal solution for stockpiling after mobile crushing and screening plants. The mobility and flexibility of the TR-75 radial conveyors reduces / eliminates the use of a wheel loader on site and the inbuilt strength of the machine means it can be utilized in a wide range of applications from heavy duty primary jaw crushing to light duty screening applications.

Key features:

  • Inbuilt safety measures engineered into the machine include hydraulic feed height adjustment of the feedboot and pinless deployment of the main conveyor. 
  • For efficient onsite mobility the machine is fitted with crawler tracks and pendant control system as standard, optional radio remote control is also available,  to enable easy movement and transfer between locations.
  • The machine features a 22.9m (75’ 2”) product conveyor that has the capacity to transfer up to 600tph of material.
  • When configured in conical stockpile mode and set to maximum working angle the machine can stockpile 2388m3 (3123yd3) of material.
  • When configured to operate in kidney shape mode at 135⁰ the machine can stockpile an impressive 10040m3 (13131 yd3) of material. 

Specification Value
Förderlänge 75' 2" / 22.9m
Bandbreite 42" / 1050mm
Max. Abwurfhöhe 35' 9" @ 23° / 10.9m @ 23°


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