TF-75H Organics

TF75H organics

The TF-75H organics high level feeder has been engineered specifically for the stockpiling and aerating of lower density, bulky materials such as soils, mulch, biomass and compost.

Key features: 

  • Auger at the hopper outlet provides aeration and untangling solution and minimizes fluctuations in bulk density of organic materials. 
  • Heavy duty auger design, equipped with replaceable hardened paddles.
  • The adjustable operating speed of the feeder belt ensures controlled and efficient flow of material.
  • Specifically designed organics hopper improves material flow eliminating bridging and ensures efficient movement of materials.  

Specification Value
Longitud del transportador 74’ 2” / 22.6m
Anchura de la cinta 48” / 1.2m
Altura de descarga máx. 26’ 3’’ @ 18° / 8m @ 18°