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JPM Cranes – Marching ahead with Frannas

JPM Cranes has built its business on the back of Franna pick and carries. It recently took delivery of a new Franna MAC 25 SuperLift (SL).

JPM Cranes is a family owned crane hire business. Since 1995, it has been servicing various industries in the Sydney and greater metropolitan areas. Operations Manager, Ryan March provides more background to the business and explains the reasons behind the new purchase.

“The business started when my father had the opportunity to purchase his own 7T Kato truck mounted crane to service a customer who had offered him the chance to start out on a long term project at the Sydney QANTAS domestic terminal.

“JPM Cranes is a proudly owned family business and Dad and the team have worked hard on growing with the intention of the next generation joining to learn from the ground up, and to continue the values and morals that has made the company a success for the past 25 years,” said March.

“Without doubt, JPM Cranes has built a reputation on the quality supply of our Franna pick and carry cranes. We have always provided a strong service to the machinery installation and relocation industry and we have long-standing relationships with the major energy providers in Sydney.

“We service such a wide variety of industries that it is difficult to put a label on what our “typical customer” looks like. The needs for each customer are assessed individually to ensure we provide the best service possible. Our long standing relationships with our customers is the reason we are in business, and we are proud to say we have been servicing a vast majority of our customers for over 20 years,” he said.

March explains how the business has come to rely on the Franna pick and carry cranes.

“It is fair to say we have built our business on the back of Franna pick and carry cranes and in our opinion the Franna is the most versatile machine in our fleet and still services the majority of our clients today. Franna cranes are a proven product and have been in our fleet for 25 years.

“We decided to add an additional MAC 25 SL for a number of reasons. The business is busy and we have capacity for an extra crane but we were also finding our customers were utilising the 25t Franna more frequently due to the additional Superlift which provides a greater lifting chart to ensure safer lifting practices. In certain configurations we have found the Superlift counterweight will give the crane an additional 50 per cent lifting capacity,” said March.

March discusses the depth of the relationship between JPM Cranes and Franna.

“My father John has had a relationship with Terex/Franna for over 20 years and we continue to appreciate the working relationship that we have with Franna. I know he will read this article so I will give a special mention to our mate and all round gentleman, Matty Mills. Unlike his stature, he has been a massive help to us over the last 10 years and we’d also like to thank Bob and Susan at the Sydney branch for their continued support with servicing and parts,” he said.