Team Franna Reaches Two Year Safety Milestone

Franna Team Main

The Franna team, based at the MP Eagle Farm site in Brisbane marked two years without a Lost-Time Injury on 14th October 2020.

Congratulating his team, Danny Black, General Manager of Franna said “This is a great achievement towards our Zero Harm goal and one that every person in Team Franna has helped us reach, by looking out for themselves and their teammates. Zero Harm cannot be achieved by the effort of just one person, it requires each of us to look out for risks around us each day, to pause the job and seek help to eliminate any risks identified before we start work. Well done to our team who have shown their personal commitment to our continuous safety improvement. I look forward to continuing to work with them on our journey to Zero Harm.”

As social distancing restrictions of COVID-19 prevented Franna celebrating their achievement as a whole team, managers were encouraged to take time out to hold a lunch or similar with smaller teams, during which each team member could share one risk that stood out over the LTI-free period.

The milestone was also acknowledged by John Garrison, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Terex, “I would also like to congratulate and thank you for two years without a lost time incident.  It takes personal and team commitment to achieve our Zero Harm Safety Goal. I recall a couple of direct conversations that I had with the team about the need to improve our safety performance. I am thrilled with the way the team has responded. You have embraced the need in a Zero Harm Safety culture to take personal responsibility, but also to take responsibility for your team member’s safety. You are creating an environment that all Team Members can go home, every single day, safely to their loved ones.

“I would ask that you continue to drive the improvement and follow the lifesaving behaviors to eliminate all injuries.   Also, in the COVID environment, I would ask that you continue to follow the protocols to reduce the risk to you and your families.