AT 15

The AT 15-3 is our most compact pick and carry crane, with a maximum lifting capacity of 15 tonne (17 USt). This crane combines safety and comfort with exceptional steering flexibility, providing the operator with the ability to lift and manoeuvre in tight spaces. Like all Franna cranes, the AT 15-3 is as comfortable on the road as it is on the job site.

Franna Dynamic LMI (Patent Protected)

First released in 2013, Franna’s patented Dynamic LMI remains as a pillar of safety, underpinning the electronic control and user experience offered today. The system is designed to offer ‘real-time’ calculation of rated capacity taking into account boom configuration, as well as chassis articulation, pitch and roll, enabling continual assessment of structural limitations, forward stability and side stability. 

Increased resolution of rated capacity is made possible by finer measurement of articulation pitch and roll angles, allowing for improved machine capability compared to previous generation LMI systems. When operated on a jobsite over undulating terrain, the rated capacity will be updated continually, providing instantaneous information on the percentage utilisation of the machine (0-100% of available capacity). When operating on a side slope or undulating terrain, operators are no longer required to manually calculate a reduction of rated capacity; the Franna Dynamic LMI does that—making every lift safer. 

Other operational aids include:

  • Automatic counterweight detection
  • Operator settable maximum working height
  • Maximum working radius
  • Maximum front axle weight
  • Rigging limits
  • Percentage of rated capacity

These features further enhance the safe operation of the machine when site conditions get tough and are available in retrofit form for all Mercedes powered Franna cranes.

Specification Value
Max Capacity 17 USt / 15 t
Max Main Boom Length 59 ft / 17.9 m