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AQ45 Static

Aquamist™ dust binding

Water-based dust binding systems reduce dust clouds, but are only effective if used correctly and throughout the working life. Traditional systems for binding dust with water jets produce water droplets with an average diameter of approximately 1,000 microns. These large droplets are simply unable to bind the  much smaller, annoying dust particles, which are typically around 80  microns in diameter. In addition, water jets tend to pass through the dust cloud, which leads to high residual moisture and the formation of puddles of water on the floor.

Terex has developed the Aquamist dust binding system, which is an improvement over conventional jet or water spray systems.  The system features a high-capacity misting fan that creates a fine mist of water consisting of droplets that are 10 to 150 in diameter.  Droplets of this size can easily bind to dust particles of similar diameter and separate them from the air. Since the water mist “hangs” better in the air than conventionally generated spray water, dust clouds are covered and dealt with more effectively.

The AQ45 Static dust cannon, designed to effectively bind dust, minimizes the amount of dust, reduces health risks and improves air quality.

Features & benefits:

  • Electric tilt function and automatic main valve for easy operation
  • Automatic swivel operation to spray the mist over a large area
  • Low energy consumption
  • Water flow that can be adapted to the respective requirements
  • Droplet size from 10 to 150 microns
Specification Value
Transport Length 3' 11" / 1,190 mm / 3' 11" / 1,190 mm
Transport Width 3' 3" / 1,000 mm / 3' 3" / 1,000 mm
Tower Height 7' 3" / 2,230mm / 7' 3" / 2,230mm
Weight 915 lbs (dry) / 415 kg (dry) / 915 lbs (dry) / 415 kg (dry)