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Our Story

MDS designs and manufactures state of the art Heavy Duty Trommels and Conveyors. We pride ourselves on our innovation in all our product range as well as offering bespoke solutions to our client needs. MDS leaves no stone unturned!

In July 2021, Terex Corporation acquired MDS and it falls under their Material Processing segment. 25 years ago, founder and CEO, Liam Murray had a vision that he wanted to manufacture his own range of trommel’s but with a difference. “A trommel that is built to withstand the harshest of environments and the toughest quarried aggregates”. Having manufactured products for other people he knew what worked for them and what he wanted to improve on.


MDS Trommels

Building a trommel that will take up to a 1.5m rock in a quarry requires the expertise and a know how that many other manufacturers simply don’t have. In an era where all machines are being asked to do more than one job for a business, our trommels provide the perfect solution.

Screening quarried rock, recycled material or soil, the MDS trommel completes the task without any fuss. Our design team focus on meeting and exceeding all the challenges a trommel faces.


Start Of MDS - Our History

MDS was founded in 1995 by Liam Murray, with a vision to design and develop engineering solutions to industry. Over the past 25 years we have built a highly skilled work force who worked closely with many international customers to fulfil their needs. MDS have gone from strength to strength over the years and recently acquired by Terex. This acquisition supports Terex MP’s growth strategy to expand its offering in the crushing, screening and environmental industries, with products that complement the existing portfolio. Trommels from MDS are heavy duty trommels that will enable expansion into areas of the market that Terex MP does not currently serve



  • 1995 Company Founded by Liam Murray on 500 sq ft. building. Did Design & Development work for Industry.
  • 1998 Moved into 3000 sq ft. building with 10 employees doing prototype manufacture, design & development.
  • 2002 Built 8,000 sq ft building with 20 employees. Continued development work and began sub contract manufacture.
  • 2007 Extended factory to 12,000 sq ft with 28 employees. Developed Trommel Range and continued sub contract manufacture.
  • 2012 Opened a 2nd 8,000 sq ft assembly factory with a total of 35 employees. Started development for manufacturing of heavy duty trommels.
  • 2017 Fully dedicated to Trommel Manufacture. Ongoing R&D Programs to improve design. Sales strong internationally.
  • 2020 MDS expands Factory
  • 2021 Terex acquires MDS