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Hornet 15-18

Portable Bulk Reception Feeder

Prostacks Hornet 15-18 Portable Bulk Reception Feeder
The ProStack Hornet 15-18 Portable Bulk Reception Feeder has a 56 foot long and 72 inches wide conveyor belt that is built to handle the largest bulk material handling projects.

This Heavy Duty Bulk Reception Feeder allows for the highest level of productivity and efficiency for loading and unloading trucks, ships, trains and more. Customisation options allow the user to tailor the Hornet 15-18 to suit their specific needs. Both static and wheeled options are available.

ProStack provide comprehensive after sales and maintenance support including on-call customer help and advice.

  • Hydraulic Ramps
  • Discharge Conveyor
  • Deployment Engine
  • Electric Hydraulic Powerpack
  • PLC Controller
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Specification Value
Conveyor Length 56' / 17,070mm
Belt Width 72" / 1,830mm
Transport Length 71' 1" / 21,651mm

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