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Telson 10-58

Portable Telescopic Conveyor


Prostacks Telson 10-58 portable telescopic conveyor has a working length of 58 metres and can be tailored to meet our customer's needs. A transport length of 34.13 metres makes this a highly portable conveyor.

Capable of 270° of radial movement and a max working angle of 18.4° to allow for maximum stockpile capacity.

With a stockpile height of 18.08 metres and maximum stockpile capacity of 237,943 tonnes the Telson 10-58 provides a heavy-duty solution to bulk material handling.


  • Stinger Drive
  • Swing Axle Undercarriage
  • Folding Axle
  • Hydraulic Wheel Drives
  • Deployment Engine
  • On Board Hydraulic Powerpack
  • PLC Controller

Download the Product Brochure.

Specification Value
Conveyor Length 190' 3" / 58m
Belt Width 36" / 900mm
Capacity 262,287 ton / 237,943 Tonnes
Stockpile Height 59’ 4” / 18,085 mm
Stockpile Capacity 194,287 CU.YD / 148,543 m3

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