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Ranger 6-24HSO

High Level Rotating Tracked Conveyor

Prostack Ranger 6-24HSO High Level Rotating Tracked Conveyor

The ProStack Ranger 6-24SHO is a High Level Rotating Tracked Conveyor with a belt length of 22.6 metres and a belt width of 1.2 metres. A rotating undercarriage gives this conveyor increased versatility and efficiency. The high capacity, customized hopper design efficiently transfers and prevents the bridging of materials.

Capable of operating in a multitude of different working environments, thanks to it's high level of portability and durability, the ProStack 6-24HSO can handle any job thrown it's way. It excels in stockpiling directly from material sources including crushers and screeners while reducing site traffic and removing the need to double handle material.

The ProStack Ranger 6-24HSO rotating track conveyor has been specifically designed to work alongside other Terex machines so that it can be used as a mobile link conveyor.


  • Orbital slew ring hydraulic driven
  • Highly portable
  • Easily transported
  • Can be tailored to suit customer needs
  • Undercarriage with heavy duty tracks
  • Max stockpile capacity of 1735m³
  • Feed conveyor capacity of 7m³


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