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Ranger 6-24L

Low Level Tracked Conveyor

ProStack Ranger 6-24L Low Level Tracked Stockpiling Conveyor
The ProStack Ranger 6-24L is a Low Level Tracked Conveyor with a belt length of 22.5 metres and a belt width of 1.2 metres.

With high portability and durability the ProStack Ranger 6-24L can operate in a wide variety of working environments. This conveyor can be integrated with crushers and screeners to stockpile material directly from the source. Site traffic will also be reduced and it will remove the need for double handling of material.

The ProStack Ranger 6-24L Stockpiling Conveyor has been specifically designed to work alongside other Terex machines.

  • Highly portable
  • Easily transported
  • Can be tailored to suit customers needs
  • Undercarriage with heavy duty tracks
  • Max stockpile capacity of 1735m³
  • Feed conveyor capacity of 7m³
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Specification Value
Conveyor Length 73' 10" / 22.5m
Belt Width 48" / 1.2m
Max Discharge Height 33' 1" / 10.1m
Max Capacity 661 US TPH / 600 TPH

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