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The Terex Utilities Way

At Terex Utilities we listen to you and strive to provide you strong, dependable equipment to aid you in getting your job done efficiently. Watch The Terex Utilities Way and see how we work for you!

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Terex HyPower™ IM for Telescopic Aerial Devices

Terex Utilities now offers customers another option to meet their green fleet needs with the new HyPower™ IM, the latest innovation in the HyPower hybrid solutions offering. HyPower IM is an idle mitigation and cab comfort solution.

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Terex® Stand Alone Core Barrel

Terex Utilities announces a new auger tool for digger derricks - the Terex® Stand Alone Core Barrel. It fits directly on a standard Kelly bar and can be stowed like a standard auger on the boom.

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The Terex Cobra-style Jib

Check out the hydraulic articulation of the Cobra-style jib. It allows one to articulate and extend to necessary work positions efficiently. The new end mount and top mount jib of choice for the TL and LTM Series aerial devices.

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Terex Utilities General 80 Digger Derrick with Fiberglass 4th Section

Check out the latest innovation for the General 80 Digger Derricks! See how the optional fiberglass 4th section will allow you to work efficiently and with ease.

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Terex® Tru-Level™ Pedestal System

The Terex® Tru-Level™ Pedestal System allows for operation on uneven terrain without having to either dig out or build for set-up. Check it out!

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The Terex® Hi-Ranger LTM40 Aerial Device

The Terex Hi-Ranger LTM40 Bucket Truck is a great Terex Utilities aerial device which incorporates the articulating, telescopic boom design built for "trouble-truck" applications for investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives/power districts and municipalities. And, this one is a material handler!

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Terex® Digger Derrick with X-Boost™ Lifting Option in Action

Check out how X-Boost™ allows the user to maintain the digging performance Terex is known for plus provide greater lifting capacity at higher boom angles.

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Terex® Hi-Ranger™ TM Series

The Terex® Hi-Ranger™ TM Series is the perfect solution for crews performing maintenance work on overhead electrical utility lines– both energized and non-energized.

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