TRA Rock Auger (Blade)

Digger Derrick Augers

Terex TRA Blade Digger Derrick Auger

Terex® TRA Series digger derrick rock augers are manufactured to improve the drilling performance of digger derricks, in hard rock formations, solid (non-fractural) formations in medium to hard drilling conditions.

Standard flighting on Terex® TRA Series digger derrick augers have a 1” lower flight section, hard faced, combines with upper flighting as follows:

  • 2”, 2-1/2”, 2-5/8” or 3” Hex Hub available.
  • 5/16" thick for 30" diameter and smaller. 
  • 1/2" thick for 30" diameter larger than 30”

Standard components are as follows:              


  • TRT1 (P# T16844)
  • TWT2 (P# TA510184)


  • TPB-6 (P# T16845)

We're sorry there are no specifications for this product at this time.