HyPower Hybrid Solutions


Viatec SmartPTO Aerial Device

The Terex Hypower SmartPTO is an electric power takeoff solution that eliminates the need for idling trucks in the field for boom operation and cab comfort. With simple connections to the hydraulic system, SmartPTO electrically powers all the hydraulic functions of the utility truck – from the outriggers to the boom of the aerial or digger derrick. HyPower SmartPTO also provides battery power to the chassis allowing auxiliary applications such as lighting and in cab HVAC to operate while the truck engine is off.

With clean, rechargeable battery power for the aerial device, SmartPTO eliminates idling, resulting in fuel savings, emissions reductions, lower noise pollution,  and lower operating costs. Its modular design can be easily installed on most applications: Terex aerial devices, digger derricks, service trucks, and some other manufacturers aerial devices (depends on the truck). The system includes a touch screen that displays the control interface with settings, battery charge, system statistics like gallons saved, SmartPTO run time, and notifications like temperature warnings. The HyPower SmartPTO also offers a telematic option that monitors system performance and identifies additional savings opportunities. This powerful tool also allows for remote troubleshooting of devices in the field.

Specification Value
Product Offering Terex Hi-Ranger Aerials & Digger Derricks
Battery Type Li - NMC
Plug-in Electric Charging Standard 120V or 240V Fast Charging
Cab Comfort Standard Integrated AC, Optional Heating