Digger Derrick Augers Accessories

Standard Pilot Bits & Adapters

Part number Code Description
T29168 TX205D Standard pilot on TXD series augers.
Dirt, compacted soil, clay material.
Includes hardware PN 36026 & 15506.
T29665 TX205C Standard pilot on TXC series augers.
For fractured & non-fracturable material,
Includes hardware PN 36026 & 15506.
T29200 TX183 Pilot bit adapter, TX183, cast steel
(standard with TX205C & TX205D)
Includes hardware T42675 & T5973.
T29936 C6 1/2 87 C387LR Standard on TXCS series augers.
Five replaceable C87 teeth (T29914).
Includes hardware PN T42675 & T5973.
T16845 TPB6 Standard on TRA/STEP/BLADE series augers.
4-3/4” cut diameter 2-3/8” API.
T80342 Collar Use with T80342 sub.
Sub, pilot, 4” diameter, 2-3/8” API
65345795 TPB1-HEX Standard for BTA series augers.
2-5/8” hex shank
Four replaceable C10 teeth (65349085)
65357524 SPIRAL HEX Use with 65343434 sub
Standard for BTA spiral series augers.
2-5/8” hex shank Six replaceable teeth (65349085)
65343434 TBA-HEX 2-5/8 hex collar.
65345810 COR PILOT Sub, 2-5/8 ” hex collar
Standard for digger derrick core barrel series.
2-5/8” hex coupler
Four replaceable C10 teeth (65349085)
Other configurations available upon request.