Digger Derrick Augers

Digger Derricks


  • Available with 2", 2 1/2" or 2 5/8" hex hubs
  • TX Series Augers:  diameters 30" & smaller 5/16" flight; over 30" diameter 1/2" flight
  • BTA & TRA Series:  1/2" upper flighting & 1" lower

Interchangeable Bullet Head Spiral (BTASPICH)

Digger Derrick Augers

Terex Interchangeable Bullet Spiral Head BTASPICH

The Terex® Interchangeable Bullet Head Spiral (BTASPICH) is designed specifically to improve the drilling performance of digger derrick augers in extreme conditions. 

Terex® Interchangeable Bullet Head Spiral (BTASPICH) is manufactured with 1” lower flighting and 1/2” upper flight. 5/16” optional upper flighting. Drills hard materials that conventional augers cannot.

Standard components are as follows:       


  • C10 RC1LR-SN (P# 65349085)


  • C10-6T-SP (P# 65357524)