HD/XHD Foundation Augers


Bullet Tooth, Blade Tooth & Dirt Augers

To provide increases performance at your job site, we offer a variety of styles to choose from.

  • Bullet tools utilize carbide tipped bullet teeth to penetrate hard rock & fracturable material
  • Dirt tools work best in loose materal.
  • Blade tools are used in non-fracturable conditions such as sandstone or limestone material

Key Product Features:

  • Standard Heavy Duty  1” Flighting
  • Extra Heavy Duty 1 1/2” Flighting available
  • Square Drive Pilot bit
  • Flighting pitch is engineered to enhance material flow from the tooth cutting area to increase productivity.
  • Tooth angles and location are precisely controlled to improve tooth penetration providing superior productivity and tooth life.
  • Various sizes, types of teeth, and pilot bits available




  • BTR-150

    Bullet Tooth Rock Auger (BTR)

    Terex® Bullet Tooth Rock Augers are designed to improve drill footage in medium to hard limestone and sandstone, cobbles, boulders and fractural rock formations. ‚Äč

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  • BTRSP-150

    Bullet Tooth Spiral Rock Auger (BTRSP)

    Terex® Spiral Bullet Tooth Rock Augers are designed with a unique tooth pattern that distributes the cutting action evenly. They can be used in virtually any ground conditions, with all of the standard Terex tooth offerings.

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    Heavy Duty Blade Pressure Augers

    Terex® Blade Augers are designed to improve drill footage in solid/non-fractured limestone and sandstone rock formations.

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    Heavy Duty Dirt Tool

    Terex® Dirt Augers are designed to improve drill footage in loose to compacted soils, stiff clay , loose gravel and soft shale.

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