Practical Exam

NCCCO Digger Derrick Practical Exam Preparation

The NCCCO Digger Derrick Practical Exam is designed to test the skills an operator needs to safely operator their Digger Derrick. Skills measured during the exam include: following hand-signals, controlling a load, stowing and un-stowing the auger, digging a hole, and setting a pole. Visit the NCCCO website for more information on the Digger Derrick Certification. Contact Francis Strohfus to schedule training and testing or for more information on the NCCCO Digger Derrick program.


The section below outlines the 7 Tasks employed to test the proficiency of the operator. Click here to view a comprehensive description of the tasks.

  • Task 1 - Pre-Operational Inspection Checklist
  • Task 2 - Chain in Circle
  • Task 3 - Hand Signals
  • Task 4A - Negotiate Corridor - Forward
  • Task 4B - Negotiate Corridor - Reverse
  • Task 5A - Unstow Auger
  • Task 5B - Auger Hole
  • Task 5C - Stow Auger
  • Task 6A - Pick up Utility Pole
  • Task 6B - Place Utility Pole in Designated Area
  • Task 7 - Stow Boom in Cradle