Closed Center

Hydraulic Troubleshooting (Closed Center)

Course Outline
The Closed Center Hydraulic Troubleshooting course provides an introduction to troubleshooting in two sections. The first section covers the basics of hydraulic troubleshooting. The second section features 25 different scenarios designed to help develop the technician’s critical thinking skills. Each scenario presents the technician with a diagram, selective information about the system, and the symptoms the user reports. Using this information, the technician must determine what the problem may be. The solution and the reasoning behind the solution is presented after each problem.

Quizzing and Testing

Hydraulic Troubleshooting Final Exam
The final exam consists of 20 troubleshooting scenarios, similar to the lesson problems. The technician must score a minimum of 85% to successfully pass the course within a maximum of 2 attempts.

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