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First Terex Washing System installed in northern Thailand

Terex Washing Systems is delighted to announce the sale of the First AggreSand 165 to Thailand which is being installed at one of the largest construction companies in Northern Thailand, Chiangmai Construction. This will be the first AggreSand 165 sold in this region and the plant will be manufactured at our Headquarters in Northern Ireland. 

The customer has 3 feed materials, 1-inch rock, crusher dust and waste rock, and with the introduction of the AggreSand 165 modular wash plant they will have the ability to produce 2 aggregates and 2 Manufactured sands of 0 – 3.5mm and 0 – 5.5mm to meet the C33 spec.

Chiangmai Construction is also dedicated to conserving water which can be achieved by the AggreSand 165 washing solution due to its maximum efficiency of water management.

We will bring you more on this story as we start the installation process.”