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Concrete Wash Out

Aggregate Recovery Machine

The AggRecover is primarily designed for concrete washout applications, the AggRecover utilises a combination of trommel barrel separation and dual contraflow dewatering screw technology to recover a single clean aggregate and a single sized sand that can be reused in the concrete manufacturing process.

Key Features

  • Pre-wired and pre-plumbed
  • Simple controls for easy set up and use
  • Material surge/anti-stall protection
  • Containerised transport

For maximum efficiency, the AggRecover can be combined with our compact Terex Aquaclear Water Management System utilizing the latest Filter Press technology to maximise fines and water recovery. All seamlessly integrated to provide a complete concrete washout solution.

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Specification Value
Powerpack 14.75 HP / 11 KW
Machine Width 149.6in / 3801mm
Machine Length 224.8in / 5710mm
Working Height 188.2in / 4780mm