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Get more value out of waste with ZenRobotics. We have been serving frontrunning recycling companies since 2007, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate waste sorting and make outdated, inefficient and unsafe manual sorting a thing of the past with safe sorting robots.

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Your operations stand to benefit from AI-based sorting, whatever your starting point.

Whether you want to modernize your existing facility with smart robotics or invest in a new fully automated recycling plant, we have you covered. Here are three options for how you can robotize and automate your waste operations, as demonstrated by several operators around the world here

Standalone Solution

Fully automated and independent waste sorting station

Retrofitted Solution

Integrate waste sorting robots into your existing facility

Greenfield Solution

Design a new large-scale facility around smart robotics

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ZenRobotics has the right robot for every sorting need. The Heavy Picker for bulky waste like C&D, the Fast Picker for light packaging waste and an all might industrial AI with more than a decade of experience from recognising and sorting high quality recyclables from around the world.


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ZenRobotics can handle diverse waste streams.

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Our robots are helping operators in 15+ countries worldwide to extract higher value out of waste, get actionable data and reach ambitious circular economy goals.

Heavy Picker

For heavy and bulky waste materials

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For lightweight waste materials


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Artificial Intelligence Used to Sort Plastic Waste in Gloucestershire

ZenRobotics have recently had some coverage on the BBC News website. ZenRobotics’ relationship with English Waste Management firm Grundon, who are currently trialing ZenRobotics “Fast Picker” robot at its Bishop’s Cleeve site in Gloucestershire, have every expectation that it will improve their efficiency.  

In this piece by the BBC the machine is described as ‘a high-speed robot for maximising material recovery’ and is made up of a conveyor belt and robotic arm, which collaborate to scan the waste, decide what to pick and deposit it down one of two chutes. 

Supplied by Helsinki-based company ZenRobotics, the “Fast Picker” is developed with an ‘In-built brain’ which, with the appropriate training, becomes more advanced over time. Eventually, its AI memory will learn to pick and sort a variety of waste streams at a “human rate”. 

Once proficient in identifying and separating plastics, Grundon will begin training the robot to pick steel or aluminium cans, paper, and cardboard.

The BBC article explains that Grundon hope that through implementing this technology, they can increase the volume of the recyclable materials they capture and aims to eventually have a fully autonomous sorting plant. This will allow them to benefit from lower operating costs and uninterrupted, reliable sorting. 

Ed Fagan, Grundon's head of projects, said this to the BBC: "Both optical and robotic sorters can be deployed alongside humans in our waste sorting facilities. We can really see robotic sorters making a difference in environments which are less well suited for humans, such as the sorting of contaminated waste or working in areas with high levels of noise and dust."

From coverage such as this from the BBC and other industry publications, it is easy to see that the “Safe Sorting” mantra of ZenRobotics is proving an important part of customers such as Grundon and others in waste management. The ability to continue doing the work that they do whilst keeping people out of harms way entirely is an opportunity that is too good to miss.

In their fleet of waste separation technology, ZenRobotics also supplies the “Heavy Picker” robot, better suited to bulky materials, and their ZenBrain which boasts a highly advanced recognition ability and autonomous decision-making. 

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