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Terex Advance Celebrates Safety Milestone

Safety Milestone 

MP’s Terex Advance Mixer Team celebrated a safety milestone on September 28, 2020 – 2 years without a lost time injury.

During the team recognition lunch on Oct 1st, John Leech stated “Every day that we are accident free is a day to celebrate.  And yet, we are taking the time to recognize our 2 year success as a milestone on our journey.  We know that we can only achieve these milestones when ALL team members are truly involved and committed to Zero Harm.  It is a testament to the dedication and focus on safety that the team continues to remain safe and make progress on improving safety every day.  Think safe, Work Safe, Home Safe is more than a motto; it is becoming a part of what we are, and it shows.”

HSE Manager, Chris Hillary praises Terex Advance saying “team member involvement and a proactive approach to safety promotes a safety culture that is continuously improving the work environment and reducing risk. Everyone takes ownership for their actions while looking out for each other, and no one is afraid to point out an unsafe behavior or situation, this allows for quick corrective action and continuous improvement.”

This is a momentous accomplishment, as the work within the Terex Advance facility involves working from heights, confined spaces, crane operation, welding, and heavy tooling - just to name a few job duties preformed throughout the production line. TAM’s success speaks to the pride the team takes in identifying and reducing risks through observations, corrective & preventative actions, job pause, 5S, and commitment to keeping themselves, their peers, and customers safe.

Congratulations to the entire Terex Advance Mixer team on this wonderful achievement – Keep up the good work!

In celebration of the event Lucille’s BBQ did a pre-packed boxed lunch, and teams were given a designated time frame to ensure we only had small groups in the area at a time. Masks, as always, were required and social distancing while eating was advised as well.