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At Terex Advance we offer on-site training which is given by the respective sales manager in your local area. They will go over the basic function and capabilities of the Terex Advance mixer truck, as well as a full safety walk around. It is also you (the customer)  who can designate if you want the your team to learn about anything specific and we will do our best to cover that.

Every February we also offer on-site (in Ft Wayne) 2 day training where our major vendors for engines, axles, suspensions, pumps and our engineering team will go over best practices, maintenance schedules and troubleshooting.

Keep an eye on this page closer to the time and training event information will be added.

For more info please contact;

Email: thinkforward@terex.com

Telephone: +1 800-433-6691 

Terex Advance Maintenance School
terex advance training
Terex Advance Training

terex advance concrete mixer truck
terex advance training

terex advance training
terex advance training