Windrow Turner Working with Compost



Our windrow turner is designed and manufactured for efficient and effective compost turning duties.  The unique material handling system ensures unrivalled aeration and product mixing, reduced decomposition times and increased productivity.  Superior operator comfort, excellent visibility and features such as Auto Pilot ensure the TWT 500 exceeds customers' requirements.

  • twt 500 Windrow Turner

    TWT 500

    The TWT 500 raises turning to a new level and is the ideal windrow turner for operators who want to turn great volumes of material quickly in confined spaces.

    Specification Value
    Engine Volvo TAD853VE 320HP Tier 3A Volvo TAD853VE 235kW Tier 3A
    Engine Volvo TAD873VE 320HP Tier 4 Final Volvo TAD873VE 235kW Tier 4 Final
    Weight 22,046lbs Base + 7,055lbs or 8,378lbs Rotor 10,000 kg Base + 3,200kg or 3,800kg Rotor
    Rotor Size 13' Standard / 16' Optional 4m Standard / 5m Optional
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