TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder



Our slow speed shredders are designed for the toughest shredding applications and allow for customisable shredding programs enabling machine operators to configure the machine to their specific requirements and reduce material wrapping.


  • tds-820

    TDS 820

    The TDS 820 is an aggressive Slow Speed Shredder purpose-built to process all types of material, whether it be domestic, industrial or bulky waste.

    Specification Value
    Shaft Length 6'7" 2,000mm
    Engine Scania DC13 497HP Tier 3 Scania DC13 371kW Tier 3
    Engine Scania DC13 440HP Tier 4 Final Scania DC13 331kW Tier 4 Final
    Weight 60,627lbs 27,500kg
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  • TDS 825 Slow Speed Shredder

    TDS 825

    The TDS 825 is a robust twin shaft, slow speed shredder. Ideal for large scale operations this high capacity machine takes shredding to the next level and is suitable for all types of material including household waste, bulky waste, commercial waste, green waste, waste wood, tree stumps and roots.

    Specification Value
    Shaft Length 8'2" 2,500mm
    Engine Scania DC16 770HP Stage II, IV & V Scania DC16 566kW Stage II, IV & V
    Weight 102,514lbs 46,500kg
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