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Our range of waste handlers are purpose-built for the recycling industry to perform effective, high volume material handling duties in open terrain or indoor settings.  Offering stability and a high load capacity these machines boast features that are now intrinsic to recycling plants.  Generously proportioned fuel tanks and extremely durable components ensure that the waste handlers productivity is maximised. 


  • Ecotec's TWH 216 Waste Handler

    TWH 216

    Robustness does not necessarily have to do with size as Ecotec's TWH 216 Waste Handler is both compact and agile. Offering greater mobility and flexibility it is the uncompromising response to the ever increasing demands of the recycling industry.

    Specification Value
    Operating Weight 32,187 - 37,699lbs 14,600 - 17,100kg
    Engine Output 114HP 85kW
    Reach 30' 9.0m
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  • Ecotec's TWH 220 Waste Handler

    TWH 220

    Ecotec's TWH 220 Waste Handler is compact, manoeuvrable and powerful. Offering outstanding visibility with a reach of 10.4 metres and an operating weight of 21 tonnes, this machine is the ideal solution for those who refuse to compromise on performance, efficiency and reliability – even in an entry level model.

    Specification Value
    Operating Weight 42,549 - 46,297lbs 19,300 - 21,000kg
    Engine Output 127HP 95kW
    Reach 34' 10.4m
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  • Ecotec TWH 224 Waste Handler

    TWH 224

    Ecotec's TWH 224 Waste Handler is the all-rounder incorporating turbo efficiency. With its diverse applications and near legendary manoeuvring speed, the TWH 224 really does rev up the recycling business.

    Specification Value
    Operating Weight 50,265 - 54,013lbs 22,800 - 24,500kg
    Engine Output 154HP 115kW
    Reach 36' 11.0m
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  • Ecotec's TWH 226 Waste Handler

    TWH 226

    Flexibility and speed is the key to success in the recycling business. That’s why smart professionals rely on Ecotec's TWH 226 Waste Handler.

    Specification Value
    Operating Weight 52,690 - 56,218lbs 23,900 - 25,500kg
    Engine Output 154HP 115kW
    Reach 36' 11.0m
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  • Ecotec TWH 228 Waste Handler

    TWH 228

    With its substantial reach and high load capacity, Ecotec's TWH 228 Waste Handler is one of the top recycling models in the world. Its rock-solid stability and tough boom design ensure safety in the most extreme situations.

    Specification Value
    Operating Weight 62,611 - 67,462lbs 28,400 - 30,600kg
    Engine Output 173HP 129kW
    Reach 41' 12.6m
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  • Ecotec-TWH-236-Waste-Handler

    TWH 236

    Cutting-edge engine technology combined with intelligent hydraulics make Ecotec's TWH 236 Waste Handler one of the fastest and most sensitive.

    Specification Value
    Operating Weight 72,756 - 78,264lbs 33,000 - 35,500kg
    Engine Output 215HP 160kW
    Reach 49' 15.0m
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  • Ecotec's TWH 251 Waste Handler

    TWH 251

    With its combination of power and reduced emissions, as well as a hydraulic system that is both powerful and sensitive, Ecotec's TWH 251 Waste Handler makes it possible to complete even the most challenging material handling tasks smoothly and efficiently.

    Specification Value
    Operating Weight 95,901 - 107,586lbs 43,500 - 48,800kg
    Engine Output 255HP 190kW
    Reach 59' 18.0m
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