Terex MPS Durand Educates Students on Career Options

Terex Durand hosted 40 senior students from Byron High School on April 9th, 2019, providing the group with a tour of the facility and educating them on career options with Terex.

As well as a tour of the facility, the students received an education on safety and the proper PPE, an outline of manufacturing processes at Terex Durand, and a presentation on the history of Simplicity, Cedar Rapids, and Canica, the three brands being built in Durand.  The students were very engaged, asking inquisitive questions about Terex products, processes, and aggregate. 

Every student left with small gifts provided by Terex, while three students—who were able to answer tough questions from what they learned on the tour or during the presentation—won Terex shirts.  All the students and staff members who toured the facility were very grateful and expressed how much they enjoyed their time at Terex.

David Quail, Business Line Director, Terex Mineral Processing Solutions commented, “Early Talent is a major priority for Terex, so we are very focused on inspiring young people to consider Terex as somewhere where they can have a rewarding career. The tour gave the students a taste of our industry and the exciting careers options available with us.”

Durand School Tour_1 Durand School Tour_2