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Simplicity®, a Terex Brand is Excited to Learn about the Revitalization Efforts in the City of Durand

Simplicity®, a Terex Brand, located at 212 S. Oak Street is thrilled with the positive revitalization efforts that the City of Durand is implementing.  In a recent press conference, the city announced that the former Simplicity Building at 209 S Oak Street is scheduled for demolition.   Simplicity built this facility in 1946 alongside the original building that has sense been removed.  Simplicity sold the building in 2005 to a storage company and over the years it has seen multiple owners. The Simplicity building featured a large Sandula clock that was a known landmark to the area.  We proudly donated the clock to the City of Durand in 1989. It was commissioned in 1992 and remains a landmark at the corner of Main St. & Saginaw in downtown Durand. 

We have been successfully operating in Durand since 1925 and we are one of the oldest running companies in the area.  We began with 5 employees in a 100 sq ft barn that was adjacent to our current facility.  Terex Corporation purchased Simplicity in 1999, and today we are known as Simplicity, a Terex Brand.  We currently employee over 100 team members and our footprint is a combined 147,000 sq ft. of manufacturing and administration buildings.  Many of our team members are longtime and loyal residents of the Durand and Shiawassee area. Generations, after generation have been our employees and neighbors!   

Simplicity is embedded in Durand’s History!  We have provided business revenue and employment to the residents of Durand, MI for almost 100 years.  It’s wonderful to hear that Durand is focusing on revitalization of the area.  We too have been implementing several improvements to our facility at 212 S. Oak Street that was built in 1964, and our neighbors are noticing. 

Here are some of the upgrades that have taken place in 2023:

  • Sustainable Interior & Exterior LED Lighting – Environmental Awareness
  • Security ID System – Team Members Safety is our #1 priority.
  • New Manufacturing Equipment & Tools - Team Member Advancement & Safe Manufacturing Practices
  • Infrastructure Improvements including Paint, Flooring, Windows, Heat/Cooling, and Door Replacements
  • Safety Laser Lights for interior Manufacturing Walkways
  • New Signage on Manufacturing Plant (Coming Soon!)
  • Overall Site Clean Up & Organization

Simplicity is excited to be a part of the “Durand Revitalization” efforts as we continue to be the largest, successfully established company supporting numerous families and business in the surrounding areas.   We are invested in our community and our employees.  Together We Rock!


The Simplicity® (Terex Brand) Administration Building received a facelift this month.  We have more upgrades planned that include new windows, signage and lighting.