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Advance to Exhibit Commander FD4000 at World of Concrete 2024

ADVANCE®, a leading innovator in front discharge concrete mixing trucks, is pleased to announce its presence at the upcoming World of Concrete 2024 event, where it will showcase the Commander FD4000 model. 

The FD400, part of the Commander Series, is the culmination of Advance’s dedication to delivering top-tier quality and unmatched reliability. Built by a seasoned ADVANCE® team known for their commitment to excellence, the Commander range of trucks have been engineered to take on the toughest of terrains. Incorporating all-wheel drive as standard and a robust and reliable build quality, the Commander series meets a wide range of road needs.

The ADVANCE® FD4000 front discharge mixer truck incorporates front and rear tandem drive axles with disc brakes for improved braking performance and lower long-term operating costs. Other safety features include a rear-view camera, tire pressure monitoring system, and improved lighting, contributing to a more secure operation.

The truck's cabin has undergone a significant makeover to prioritize driver comfort and convenience. An improved HVAC system, optimized information screen placement, and more robust switches and interior controls contribute to an enhanced overall driving experience.

Finally, the Commander FD4000 offers additional optional equipment to cater to diverse operational needs. Users can now choose from a slide or flip hopper, integrate a telematics system for advanced tracking, and add a water meter for precise mixing control.

"We are thrilled to showcase the Commander FD4000 at World of Concrete 2024. This model represents a new era for ADVANCE®, where innovation, safety, and driver comfort come together to set industry leading standards," said David Grabner, General Manager of ADVANCE®

"Our team is looking forward to attending World of Concrete 2024 and connecting directly with industry professionals, understand their needs, and discuss how the Commander FD4000 can elevate their operations. We look forward to these meaningful conversations and the chance to demonstrate how ADVANCE® continues to be a reliable partner in driving success for our customers."

Visit ADVANCE® at Booth #N1937 during World of Concrete 2024 to view the Commander FD4000 and discuss the future of concrete mixing technology.