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Terex Advance Supports Mixer Driver Rodeos

Terex Advance supports multiple U.S. state associations and customers in hosting mixer driver rodeos. The events, which consist of road course challenges that provide an opportunity for the everyday mixer driver to show off their skills, are highly anticipated events across the concrete mixer industry each year.

Adam Bailey, Sales Manager for Terex Advance said, “They are a pretty big deal in this industry. I even have customers that go as far as ordering a fully custom truck and paint scheme for the driver who wins their internal competition each year!

Mixer drivers from Producer/Customer Companies go head to head in a competition to provide the true best-of-the-best. Contests include closest to the curb, maneuvering through tennis balls, and the infamous basketball chute shot. 

Chelsey Kutz, Marketing Manager for Terex Advance smiles as she vows that volunteering and judging events at these rodeos is one of the highlights for the TerexAdvance team. “The fun-filled days where we get to cheer on the drivers, who are in our trucks day in and day out, is just so exciting to see. They all take so much pride in their job, and to hear their feedback about how our trucks perform is great too.” 

The winner of each state competition will then be afforded to opportunity to compete for the national Mixer Driver Champion title at NRMCA Concrete Works in Florida, slated for October of this year. Terex Advance also supports this event by providing the trucks that will be driven in the championship, as well as showcases on the exhibition floor.

Hopefully the overall winner of the National Mixer Driver Champion crown will be driving a Terex Advance truck!