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Website Boosts New Customers and Orders

Terex Advance has gained a significant new customer following the launch of their new website—a start-up company who placed a first order of 10 concrete mixer trucks and, as a testament to the products and the service of the team, the customer placed a further order of 50 trucks for the same calendar year.

Previously, Terex Advance’s website presence was a combined website with Terex Bid-Well. The two business lines launched their new, individual websites together, with a monitored inbox setup for each website to handle enquiries that came through the website. 

Hercules Concrete, a start-up company and new potential customer, made an enquiry through the Terex Advance website, requesting details on the Terex Advance trucks along with a quote for approximately 10 trucks. 

The result of the team’s efforts was the Hercules Concrete placing an order for 10 trucks.

Continuing the customer relationship, Terex Advance arranged for the Hercules Concrete management team to visit the Terex Advance facility and see their trucks being built. Hercules Concrete brought all their drivers back to the Terex Advance facility to collect their finished trucks.

Finally, as a testament to the Terex Advance team and their trucks, Hercules Concrete signed an order for 50 trucks for the next calendar year. It has also been a digital win because the customer promotes their Terex Advance trucks daily on social media, with photos of our trucks working in the field. 

A massive well done to the Terex Advance team on fostering this new customer relationship from initial enquiry to solid orders!