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Terex Bid-Well Celebrates Safety Achievement

MP’s Terex Bid-Well’s Team celebrated a safety milestone on October 24, 2020 – 1 year without a recordable injury.

The Canton team has 3 years without a loss time injury and is now adding to their achievements without a recordable injury for the past 365 days! Site Director, Christal Dietzenbach, attributes this success to their dedicated, quality employees, continuous improvement actions, accountability audits, wellness programs, and Terex-wide commitment to safety from the top-down. Christal stated, “We have excellent communication between the management team and production employees, combined with ongoing training and taking action when safety issues arise. We hope to build upon these two great accomplishments while continuing our main goal of ensuring that each and every team member returns home safely at the end of their shift”.

 Bid-Well Good People

HSE Manager, Chris Hillary, says “I am very proud to see the significant results from Bid-Well’s commitment to safety and zero harm. The Canton team understands that safety is a way of life - job pause, observations, and looking out for each other, followed up with continuous improvements, can create great successes and the team should be extremely proud of their accomplishments”.

It is the responsibility of all team members to promote Terex’s high standards for safety, and this milestone proves that Bid-Well takes that responsibility seriously. Their relentless and continued efforts have created an environment where safety is the most important aspect of their business, and the employees have a willingness to work together and take responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of their co-workers.

Congratulations to the entire Terex Bid-Well team on this momentous achievement – Keep up the good work!