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Capable of paving streets, highways, airports and other slabs, Terex® Bid-Well 5000, 6000 and 6500 airport pavers are ideal for a variety of surfaces, matching flat, parabolic, crowned, super-elevated and tapered surfaces. The paving carriage strikes off, paves and textures the concrete with augers, paving rollers, a drag pan and texturing. The Terex® Bid-Well 5000, 6000 and 6500 airport pavers also feature patented Rota-Vibe®, which helps achieve a more uniform concrete surface with the desired density. It aids the sealing of difficult-to-finish concrete due to harsh mix designs, unpredictable delays, low slump specifications and wind exposure, causing abnormal surface drying.

The Terex® Bid-Well 6000 airport paver features a pressure washer for convenient clean-up, a hydraulic-powered crown adjuster and a powered steerable nose wheel with a transportation dolly. The 6500 model features Hydra-mation® stringline sensing control for elevation and steering.

For more information on Terex Bid-Well concrete equipment contact your Terex Bid-Well Regional Sales Manager or call +1-605-987-2603.