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2022 Spring Training School Dates: May 4-5, 2022

Our school provides an excellent opportunity for new and veteran operators, supervisors and engineers to train on the use of Terex Bid-Well Automatic Roller Pavers. The school is two days in length, providing the student with a comprehensive understanding of the setup, operation and troubleshooting of Terex Bid-Well equipment.

Day 1 

Includes a series of lectures that will cover:

• Machine Set up

• Bridge paving applications

• Texture and curing applications

• Controller adjustment and troubleshooting

• Skewed deck applications

• Screed rail and chair set up

• Road, highway and airport paving applications

• Thin bonded overlay applications

• Slope and canal applications

• A multitude of other topics

Day 2 

Consists of a demonstration pour using a Terex Bid-Well paver on or around the Terex Bid-Well campus in Canton, South Dakota.

The students will receive hands on training in the setup and operation of a paver for a standard pour. After lunch on the second day the students will be given a tour of the Terex Bid-Well campus.

Terex Bid-Well Service School


For any questions please contact;

Brian Severson

Email: Brian.Severson@Terex.com

Telephone: +1 605-359-6727